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Excel Pavers & Concrete is a business division of licensed contractors operated by Ray Williams. We specialize in installing concrete, pavers, and hardscape elements for properties within the Sacramento area. Call us to schedule an on-site assessment.

As a preferred local business, we provide to property owners the highest quality of concrete services available within Sacramento and surrounding areas. Our prices are competitive and our commitment to customer satisfaction is truly second to none.

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Affordable – Its affordability is a major draw. Compared to other building materials in Arden-Arcade, concrete offers a budget-friendly option without compromising quality. This makes it accessible for a wide range of projects, from small home renovations to large commercial buildings.

Versatile – Concrete’s versatility is another key advantage. It adapts to various architectural styles in Arden-Arcade, enabling creative freedom in design. Whether it’s for a sleek, modern look or something more traditional, concrete can be shaped to fit the desired aesthetic.

Durable – Durability is a hallmark of concrete in Arden-Arcade, CA. It withstands harsh weather, resists fire, and bears heavy loads, making it a long-lasting choice. This durability translates into fewer repairs over time, offering long-term savings.

Low-maintenance – Lastly, concrete’s low-maintenance nature is a significant benefit. It doesn’t need frequent upkeep like some other materials. A simple cleaning routine is usually enough to keep it in good condition, saving time in maintenance.

Understanding the distinction between regular and stamped concrete is key when planning your project in Arden-Arcade. Regular concrete, often chosen for its simplicity, provides a smooth, classic finish. It’s ideal for areas where basic performance is the main requirement, such as sidewalks.

In Arden-Arcade, CA, stamped concrete is about adding aesthetic appeal. It involves pressing molds into the concrete before it sets, creating patterns that mimic the look of natural stone, brick, or even wood. This method offers a way to achieve an upscale appearance without the cost of actual stone materials.

Color is another aspect where stamped concrete shines. It can be colored to complement your home’s exterior. This customization allows for unique design expressions that regular concrete can’t offer.

Assessment – Pouring concrete is a meticulous process, ensuring the final structure is strong. It starts with an assessment, where professionals in Arden-Arcade evaluate the site. This stage is crucial for understanding the scope of the project, determining the amount of concrete needed, and estimating costs.

Site preparation – Next comes site preparation, laying the groundwork for a successful pour. This involves clearing the area, setting up forms to shape the concrete, and reinforcing it with steel bars if needed. In Arden-Arcade, CA, proper preparation is key to preventing issues like cracking.

Concrete pouring – The concrete pouring itself is a critical stage. The concrete, delivered in a mixer truck, is poured into the forms. Professionals must work swiftly to spread the concrete evenly while avoiding air pockets, which can weaken the structure.

Surface finishing – Finally, surface finishing gives the concrete its appearance in Arden-Arcade. Techniques vary depending on the desired result—smooth, brushed, or stamped. This stage is where precision comes into play, as the finishing touches significantly impact the concrete’s look.

When it comes to concrete, drying time is a crucial factor for executing construction projects in Arden-Arcade. Typically, concrete sets enough for basic foot traffic within 24 to 48 hours. However, this initial setting is just the beginning of the curing process.

For concrete to reach its full strength, it usually takes about 28 days in Arden-Arcade. During this time, the chemical reactions between water and cement continue, progressively strengthening the material. This period is vital for ensuring the load-bearing capacity of the concrete.

It’s important to note that while concrete may feel hard to the touch after a couple of days, it’s not yet at its strongest. During the first week of curing, concrete achieves approximately 70% of its full strength. This early stage is critical for preventing cracks.

The cost of concrete in Arden-Arcade can vary widely based on several factors, making it important to understand the pricing landscape for accurate budgeting. Generally, the cost per square foot for basic concrete ranges from $4 to $6. This variation depends on factors like the complexity of the project.

For more specialized options, like stamped concrete, prices rise due to the additional labor involved. In Arden-Arcade, CA, these decorative concretes can cost anywhere from $8 to $18 per square foot, reflecting the intricacy of the work required.

Bulk orders can sometimes reduce the cost, so larger projects might benefit from a lower per-square-foot rate compared to smaller ones. This is due to economies of scale where buying materials in larger quantities can be more cost-efficient.