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Versatile – If you are looking for a way to set your outside spaces apart from the rest, then a concrete patio may be for you. When it comes to the patios we install, you are not only getting a very stylish yard addition, but also spoiled to choose from many different stone patterns and textures. Concrete patios will definitely make the outdoor environment of your residence look more elegant and pleasing to the eye.

Durable – Concrete is a widely used building material that consists of aggregates and cement. It is usually poured into molds and hardens quickly. The setting process for concrete usually begins as soon as the water and aggregates are mixed. While concrete may seem like a very basic material to utilize for an outdoor surface, it provides a number of benefits over other paving materials. Not only is it very versatile, capable of being stamped, stained, and even colored or used in unique forms, but it is also very durable, being able to last for years when properly installed and maintained.

Affordable – Investment wise, decorative concrete patios regularly cost less than those made with brick or natural stone. The extra-savings, combined with the different choice of patterns and colors available, make concrete a very wise choice for most residential and commercial budgets. A concrete patio is one of the most cost-effective ways to create a functional, decorative addition to your home. It can turn an unused patch of dirt into a place to relax and entertain year-round. Our team of experts also offer concrete driveway replacement services.

Concrete is a wonderful canvas for creating intricate and interesting surfaces. Not only can the mixture be poured in any shape or size to fit an outdoor space, it also gives you a vast array of installation options that are unfeasible with other materials. We provide you with all of the designs to help you choose the perfect patio that will fit into your style and design needs. Whether you are looking for a patio that is sleek and modern or want something that is more traditional, we have it all. We can work to find a patio design that fits what you are looking for.

Colors – Using unique stains, antiquing agents and powdered pigments, our concrete finishers can customize the color of the patio to simulate natural materials and complement the landscape of your property. Our team of experts can also characterize your concrete patio by adding a decorative border with a contrasting tone.

Patterns – Most stamped patios are created by imprinting patterns in freshly laid concrete. This allows the hardscape to take on the high-end look of other materials like stone, flagstone, slate, tile, wood, and brick. Due to that flexibility, these patios have become a luxurious decorative flooring option for outdoor areas.