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A well-laid paver driveway is a work of art that can improve the curb appeal of any property. The purpose of this driveway is to provide easy access to your residence, and give you a place to park a vehicle. Hence, it should be large enough for the largest automobile you expect to drive.

A paver driveway is constructed from individual paving stones, which are laid side by side to form a cohesive surface. The process can be very labor-intensive and time consuming. It should always be handled by a driveway company, using only the best materials.

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Versatile – Pavers are available in a number of shapes, sizes and colors, so you will have many different options when designing a driveway. Since paving stones come in so many combinations, it is easy to achieve the appearance you want. Some people choose a particular color scheme and stick with it throughout the entire project. Others mix and match, using different colors and sizes to add interest to the design.

Durable – Paving stones used to be made of natural stone, but now they are typically constructed from recycled cement. Further enhancements have been made to pavers with the inclusion of synthetic polymer resins, giving them greater resistance to vehicle traffic, impacts from heavy objects, and harsh weather conditions. As such, paver driveways are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to asphalt driveways due to their increased durability and design flexibility.

Investment – The right paver installation will serve the purpose you need it for. Some individuals use pavers to create a walkway to their front door. Others, prefer them to create patios around their residence for outdoor entertaining purposes. However, if you are looking to increase your home’s value and to attract potential buyers, a paver driveway is among the biggest assets you can add. It will become an integral part of the curb appeal of the property.

01. Material selection – Every paver installation is unique. There are subtle differences that may not be apparent until the pavers are installed. Understanding those subtle differences can help you pick the right paving stones for your project. All of our pavers are designed to last and we can guarantee that we use materials that conform to the highest standards, ensuring that we provide you with a quality product.

02. Driveway design – Before any construction can take place on your property, a driveway plan is required. We are experts in outdoor design, and we will work with you to establish the layout of your new driveway. Our team will accomplish this by creating a design concept, applying industry techniques, and consulting specialists to make sure that your driveway passes all structural requirements. Your development will be carried out to completion by our professional installers whose goal is to make your project as stress-free as possible.

03. Paver installation – When we install pavers, the crew will perform three main tasks. The first is to prepare the area. That means moving any existing objects that could be in the way or that might damage the paving stones. The second task is to level the ground. Usually, if we are laying pavers on an existing driveway, we will use sand or cement. The third task is to set the paving stones on their base. Our workers must lay the pavers on the ground one by one in the desired pattern. Once they are installed and secured, we apply a layer of polymeric sand to seal the paver surface.