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If you are not familiar with what an outdoor kitchen is, think of it as a living space that replaces your old backyard grill. An outdoor kitchen creates a feature for your patio and can be a centerpiece that brings the whole patio together. Outdoor kitchens give you a viable central gathering place.

When you are ready to start planning an outdoor kitchen, you will want to know about the different designs which will meet the needs of your lifestyle. We help you with our concrete services, from picking the layout to choosing a style that will help make this an extension of your home.

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Increases home value – Normally, people think about home improvement projects in terms of how much value they will get out of the project. A new study shows how home buyers are willing to spend more money on a place that has a versatile outdoor kitchen. Just think about how much a great outdoor kitchen could add to your property’s value. Research also showed that, nationally, having a versatile outdoor kitchen can offer sellers a return of 100% on the cost of installation.

Accommodates guests – A good backyard dining setup includes more than just comfy seating and a well-appointed picnic table. An outdoor kitchen is the perfect way to turn your yard from a summer space into a true entertaining destination, complete with built-in cooking facilities. Preparing meals outside brings a fresh air ambiance by removing the domestic work space from its typical location within your home.

Expands living space – Outdoor kitchens are usually designed to expand living space. They can add square footage without the cost or hassle of an additional building and offer a great opportunity to entertain friends and family. And, with fuel prices on the rise, an outdoor kitchen can help you cut costs. Not only do they come in handy during the summer months, but you can also find plenty of styles that provide easy access to fire pits year-round.

Masonry – Decorative stone, brick, or concrete cabinets are a great choice for an outdoor kitchen because they blend in with the style of most homes. They are extremely resistant to weather effects, which makes them an ideal outdoor cabinet for storage of tools, cookware and other utensils. These units will allow you to create a multi-purpose functional space that blends the functionality of outdoor living and cooking spaces into one usable and attractive space.

Wood – It is not just the cabinet color; natural wood has its own unique beauty. Outdoor kitchens with wooden cabinets provide a warm appearance, especially for events. The disadvantages of wooden kitchen cabinets is that you need to take great care of them. The fading and breaking down process needs to be slowed down with regular maintenance.

Steel – These appliances are extremely durable and highly functional. If you are looking for a long-term investment that will serve you well for an outdoor kitchen, this is one purchase you may want to consider. The material is a noncorrosive metal that is also resistant to fire and impacts, something very useful when it comes to outdoor living.