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Paver Patio in Sacramento, CA

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Paver patios can create a lovely and intimate outdoor space just perfect for relaxing on a warm evening with friends. Paver patios add a lot of beauty and functionality to a property. Their simple design incorporates easily with the natural world, making them ideal for nearly any outdoor space. Many people also choose to enlarge their living space with a paver patio.

However, focusing on the surface area of the project is not enough for concrete companies to determine the cost. You must also consider the size of your yard, the complexity of the patio layout, and other factors. When you are ready to begin a paver patio installation or remodel, make sure to hire a professional contractor. While you can build a patio with the proper materials and tools, it is better to leave the heavy lifting up to the pros.

We can help you create an enjoyable and beautiful outdoor living space. our trained professionals will build your new patio using the right balance of comfort and style. We will help you select the finest materials, prepare the site, and install the paving stones to ensure everything is done right, on time, and on budget. From simple consultations to complete makeovers, we work with qualified designers to build, maintain and restore patios.

Benefits of Patio Pavers

Versatile – Your goal for a patio is to have a solid, level surface that is versatile enough to use on multiple social events. If you are looking for something flexible enough for entertaining purposes, then you may want to consider installing pavers. These paving stones come in many different sizes and colors, so you can have a specific style that matches your property. You also have various pattern options when it comes to installation.

Durable – We carefully select each paver due to its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, including extreme heat or cold, precipitation, and high winds. Their stability throughout various temperatures means they will last longer than other alternatives. Unlike other products on the market, the paving stones we use resist cracking and buckling which can cause your patio to become uneven over time.

Investment – Our paver patio services give property owners the opportunity to replace their old, cracked concrete patio with a stylish, modern one. Whether you are looking for an added feature to make your residence shine or to give it another selling point should the house go on the market, adding a new stone patio can be an excellent choice. Because the patio is a permanent integrated space of your house, it will form an essential part of your property’s valuation.

Paver Patio Installation

01. Hardscape design – When installing pavers on a patio, their size dictates whether you can lay them in one direction or whether they must be laid diagonally. It also determines the overall appearance of the patio. Small pavers can create intricate interlocking patterns, ideal for courtyards and quaint cottage areas. Large pavers are often placed in an unbroken pattern for an attractive but basic hardscape surface.

02. Base preparation – A patio will first need to be prepared for its new paving stones. The paver patio installation process typically starts by removing all of the vegetation from the area. After that is completed, we will have the patio area graded so that it slopes away from the residence. This helps to prevent water from collecting and pooling on the surface of the patio.

03. Patio installation – Lastly, the site can be prepared for the pavers by setting up string lines and lowering wooden planks onto which the paving stones will be positioned. The first row of pavers is laid along the string lines and should be set at a consistent angle with respect to the other rows. This ensures that all of the rows line up. The second row is then placed between those first two rows and should also be set at an angle consistent with those first two rows. This continues until all of the pavers have been placed in position to form the desired pattern.

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