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Excel Pavers & Concrete is a business division of licensed contractors operated by Ray Williams. We specialize in installing concrete, pavers, and hardscape elements for properties within the Sacramento area. Call us to schedule an on-site assessment.

As a preferred local business, we provide to property owners the highest quality of concrete services available within Sacramento and surrounding areas. Our prices are competitive and our commitment to customer satisfaction is truly second to none.

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Affordable – Concrete stands out as a budget-friendly material in Roseville, particularly when considering its long-term value. Its relatively simple production process makes it a cost-effective choice for various construction projects. Choosing concrete means investing in a material that offers robust performance without straining your budget.

Versatile – The adaptability of concrete is one of its standout features. It can be molded into nearly any shape, catering to a diverse range of architectural styles in Roseville. This versatility extends from large-scale construction projects to intricate decorative elements, showcasing concrete’s ability to suit different aesthetic requirements.

Durable – Durability is where concrete truly shines. It’s capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions and heavy traffic. This resilience translates to fewer repairs over time, making concrete a reliable choice for private construction in Roseville, CA.

Low-maintenance – Concrete’s requirement for minimal upkeep is a significant advantage. Unlike other materials that may need regular treatments, concrete maintains its condition with basic cleaning. This low-maintenance nature ensures that it remains hassle-free over its lifespan.

Regular concrete offers a straightforward, functional solution. It’s the classic choice for foundational work, driveways, and sidewalks. Regular concrete is known for its practicality in Roseville, CA, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. Its traditional, smooth finish delivers a clean look, which is perfect for those seeking simplicity in their construction projects.

Stamped concrete, on the other hand, is about adding a decorative flair. This type involves pressing molds into the concrete while it’s still setting, creating patterns that mimic brick, stone, or wood. Stamped concrete is a favorite for those in Roseville wanting to elevate the aesthetic appeal of their spaces without compromising on the inherent strengths of concrete. It offers flexibility, allowing for customization in color and pattern to match any architectural style.

Assessment – Before any concrete is poured, a thorough assessment of the site is essential. This step involves measuring the area, understanding the soil conditions, and identifying any potential challenges. A detailed estimate follows, outlining the amount of concrete needed in Roseville and the labor costs for the project. This preparatory phase sets the stage for a successful pour.

Site preparation – Preparing the site is next in line. This involves clearing the area, ensuring it’s level, and setting up the forms that will shape the concrete. In Roseville, CA, proper site preparation is vital to prevent issues like uneven surfaces or improper drainage, which can compromise the integrity of the finished concrete.

Concrete pouring – The pouring phase is where the action happens. In Roseville, concrete is mixed to the right consistency and then carefully poured into the forms. During this step, precision is key to ensure the concrete is evenly distributed, filling every corner of the form without leaving air pockets.

Surface finishing – Finally, surface finishing gives the concrete its final appearance. Whether it’s a smooth finish for a driveway, a textured surface for better traction, or decorative stamping for aesthetic appeal, the finishing touches are applied while the concrete is still wet. Proper finishing not only enhances the look of the concrete but also contributes to its longevity.

Concrete doesn’t simply ‘dry’ — it undergoes a curing process. This chemical reaction, known as hydration, is what makes concrete harden in Roseville. The general rule of thumb is that concrete sets in about 24 to 48 hours, which means it’s solid enough to walk on. However, for it to reach its maximum strength, it typically takes about 28 days.

During this curing period, the concrete gradually becomes harder. It’s important to keep it moist during the first week, as this helps strengthen the material. Proper curing is essential in Roseville because it affects the concrete’s resistance to cracks.

The cost of concrete in Roseville hinges on several factors, such as the type of concrete, the complexity of the project, and geographical location. On average, you can expect to pay between $8 and $18 per square foot. This range accounts for basic concrete pouring. More intricate projects, like those involving stamped concrete, can drive the price higher.

Additionally, the current market conditions, such as the supply of materials, can impact the overall cost in Roseville, CA. It’s always wise to get multiple quotes from local contractors to gauge a fair price for your specific project.